by Marcel Wanders

  • Made with sustainability at heart, using the best materials and practices known to the industry.

  • Width: 238cm
    Height: 66cm
    Depth: 90cm
    Seat height: 42cm
    Seat depth: 60cm

    Download 3D-files HERE.

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    Harald Blue Velvet

    Tonica Mid Grey

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Fabric: Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet Marcel's Special
Mid Grey
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Designed by Marcel Wanders, Ponte is a sofa that exudes bold confidence — with a surprisingly easy-going attitude to match. The innovative frame system relies on smart assembly logic and allows you to pack and transport this sofa in a way that is safe & efficient.

The assembly is free of any headache and requires no tools, with cushions and legs smoothly sliding into place. The elevated quality of construction and materials ensures your furniture will live long through multiple reassemblies — until you find your perfect place.

    Bastising Ponte

    Innovational Frame

    Designed to adapt easily to constantly shaping individual lifestyle needs and living environments, our innovational sofa frame is optimised for easy travels. The frame is flat-packed enabling easier and environmentally friendlier transport. And the best part -assemly and reassembly is intuitive, requiring no tools or manuals.

    Changeable covers

    The changeable upholstery helps ease the anxiety of choice: no pressure to commit to a neutral grey sofa for the next 10 years. You can 'dress it up' with different colour options at any time - think having a wardrobe of covers for your sofa.