About Us

Breaking new ground in furniture.

Think Tesla of furniture design.
We strive to create a smooth, streamlined homemaking experience for you.

Furniture, redefined

The way our lives and surroundings are designed, created and managed are changing. Our aim at BASTA is to make furniture designed to suit these novel needs of modern living. Our unprecedented innovations are designed to create the most convenient user experience without losing sight of aesthetics, style and comfort.

Forward-thinking solutions

We are committed to changing the way you furnish your home. Buy less, but better. Choose pieces that are sturdier, sleeker, easy to assemble at any given location, and are consciously cool. The new age of furniture starts with BASTA.

With roots in Finland’s rich design heritage, BASTA was founded by the industry veteran Joel Roos (ex-One Nordic & Hem.com), a seasoned R&D expert Stefan Mahlberg (ex-One Nordic & Hem.com), and a world-famous designer Marcel Wanders (Moooi & Marcel Wanders Studio).

Function & Form

Our collection brings together top-notch design from Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands. United with the in-house development in Finland, we harness strong relationships with manufacturers and decades of experience to learn from in design, production and development. Development in Finland ensures that everything looks and functions just the way it is intended it to, and our great ambition doesn’t get lost in production.

Sustainable Smart Solutions

Our collection is made with sustainability in mind. At BASTA we want to make it easy and convenient to take your furniture wherever life takes you, allowing also our design products to live longer life cycles.⁠ We use the best materials and practices known to the industry for production and shipped using sustainable, planet-friendly packing.

This is smart furniture for the 21st century.